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if you are away from the puter a lot, and you happen to miss my move to another account, you know where else you can contact me.  if you have me on skype, ask.  if you have me on facebook, ask.  this is my last warning....

personally i would not call this: letting THEM win... i more call this, just gaining something i once had and i rather stay away from their grudge against me for whatever reason why they kept it up...  this is moving on.  this is starting over.  this is getting away from a demon!  so please keep your tough love to yourself...  not to be rude!  that sort of thing does not fully help me... even if you are on my side... it STILL just upsets me...  different ppl need to be spoken differently...  and if you give up that fast, it goes to show how much you actually care without putting in enough effort to show you do actually care...  that is the major thing that bothers me up a storm...  you want to give me a boost of encouragement, do not through it thick words....  please...  yes i get it, tough love means truth but honestly there are better ways of making it sound not so harsh...  that sort of thing does turn me into the bad guy...  honestly its one of the other reasons why i cant really make friends or i lose them...  but these two that ruined me... were thankfully for different reasons... one of them who yelled at me for wanting me to be happy for them even when they were constantly shoving it in my face... i rather be jealous than envious of them!  and i was happy and jealous... just saying: omg i want that... aww...  that is so cool... VS, oh you mother fucker i will take that from you one day....  as for the other one where they did not seem to understand i felt so invisible to even her since anything i did seemed to go unnoticed and it felt like to me she  didnt care even when i was sending her feedback on her work...  i thought i was starting to see something from her and... well now that i think of it i was right...  she was starting to see less of me as a friend, stopped IMing me as much as she used to, stopped engaging in any conversation with me, but when she did, she mostly spoke about her demon that was apparently possessing her AND decided to "let her" type to all of us when she took over...  i did try to help her... i did... but it was scaring me to where i just had to go...

sorry for the long ass story here no one seems to care about...  some of you already know it.  here is the thing... i am not expecting to be loved back if i give love... it is better to love than to be loved BUT both are still important.  if you wish to reply to this journal, go right ahead... i wont be around to see it... this is my final post and then i will be abandoning it.  what am i going to do with my groups?  already took care of it...  so if you want to leave a rude comment if you are one of those bypassers who are not watching me, if it makes you feel better! shoot for it... go ahead and bash on a dead account

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